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A brunch photo workshop

Since I was doing this photo as part of a workshop demonstration I wanted to show the new setup that I’ve been experimenting with. It involves using a clear plexiglass cove suspended in front of the background. I’ve been using it to photograph products on a clean white and I wanted to see what kind of flexibility it affords me with other backgrounds. Here are a couple of shots to show you what I’m talking about.


As you can see, the Plexiglas is suspended in front of the background which I can light completely separately so I can control exactly how dark or bright it is. In this case my final shot was cropped in quite tight to the plate so I really wasn’t taking advantage of this setup, however it was interesting to play with and for my students to see.  The main light for the food is a beauty dish with a diffuser. I’ve grown to quite like this light for food shots as I find it gives me a nice balance between contrast to bring out detail and soft shadows that don’t require too much fill light. All I needed to add was too small gold reflectors to bounce a little bit of warm light into the shadows and lighten them up.

This was Linsey’s first time teaching a workshop, so she was a bit nervous at first performing in front of an audience. She soon warmed to the task and quite enjoyed the experience. There were lots of questions about tricks of the trade and how food stylists work to make the food look so delicious on camera.


Here she shows a nice technique of cracking the eggs into a small cup and then pouring them into the phyllo moulds without breaking the yolks.


Here are the other elements of the brunch plate:


A careful placement of the Phyllo Egg, and some finishing touches, and the final shot comes together!


Everyone enjoyed the workshop, so Linsey and I are planning a more in depth food photography workshop… I’ll post details here as we firm them up.

Photo Credits:
Photography by Rob Davidson
Food Styling by Linsey Bell
Assistant Nadia Cheema