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Sometimes Food is all about Texture

This shot is all about texture… from the crusted top of the pie filling to the red stones of the background.  In order to convey all these rich textures, I chose a gridded spot placed behind the plate, and aimed so it just lit the pie and plate.  A medium softbox from overhead, and dialed down to very low power, provides some fill on the pie, and just a bit of light on the background stones.



I like how this set up gives me very precise control over the amount of light on the subject vs. the background. I can make sure that the pie is just a bit brighter than the background so it pops forward rather than blending into the background.  I also added a slight warm gel (1/4 CTO) to the spot to warm up the tones of the pie and crust. This lighting also ensured that I could hold on to the detail of the white texture in the whipped cream behind the pie…. always a challenge!

Here’s Linsey carefully placing the “hero” pie on the plate, and we consult on the “look” for the whipped cream.  The final results:

Photo Credits:  Photography by Rob Davidson
Food Styling by Linsey Bell

Assistant and BTS shots: Adriana Garcia Cruz